Romney Speaks of Role as Mormon Missionary and Church leader

debate-town-hallReligion came up briefly at the presidential debate Tuesday (October 16), when Mitt Romney made a rare reference to his Mormon faith:

Mitt Romney: “And I believe we’re all children of the same God. I believe we have a responsibility to care for one another. I served as a missionary for my church. I served as a pastor in my congregation for about 10 years.”

  • John E,

    First of all I have nothing against Governor Mitt Romney for his rite to worship and respect others to worship God and help others in need. Yet every body Is taking words out one sources that people Think or believe President Obama is a MUSLIM. I believe he is not but he understand the principles of the Muslim Faith.Which no difference from Holy Rurik to Holy Bible. We are all God’s Creations with different shades of skin This make us more to human rights Not just Christianity or Mormons or even a Muslim or Hebrew. Which some Christians sects. believe that Mormons are Christians too. We are still ALL Gods Children. President Obama does NOT dictate who or what you Worship He does tell his people Vice President Biden and his Wife can can not attend a catholic Church and pray, Also Being Commander -in -Chief He does not dictate what military member to worship This is all bias And VERY untrue If you to validate Send the Video To prove that President Obama is disobeying the law. Plus, I believe President Barack Obama is Birth child from this Country ( United States) and was born legally in Hawaii.

  • maurice a. nelson

    Your service in the past is commendable and. As our president may God continue to bless you.. The problem I have is with the hats some. Faiths carry for the westerners how. Do we resolve that. My faith comes from my background as a MEthodist.

  • bluebuss

    i do not think mormonism is the same as Christianity. why “add” to Gods Holy Bible? i for one am against that, and have been taught “not to be fooled”, by those that do. mormons have been fooled. God’s Holy Bible is good enough for me, and if you add to it, one changes it, and that is not God’s will. and one more thing, they do not believe in the same heaven as Christians do, that is a big problem for me, and would not like the leader of these United States to be of mormon faith. and President Obama has proclaimed his Christianity, and provided his birth certificate, has fought for the poor and middle class, and has my vote.