Saudi Interfaith Center Opens in Vienna

vienna-interfaith-centerA new interfaith center backed and funded by Saudi Arabia opened in Vienna this week. The center is named for Saudi King Abdullah and is part of an arrangement between Austria, Saudi Arabia, and Spain, with strong support from the Vatican. The center’s board includes three Christians, three Muslims, one Jew, a Buddhist, and a Hindu. Some have opposed the project, arguing that Saudi Arabia practices a radical form of Islam.

  • Judith Hershon

    This has intrigued me greatly since a few strong fatwas from Saidi Arabia against calling Jews apes and monkeys or against Qaradawi and Meshall against killing every Hew on the planet might do a great deal more than spending millions buying off Austrians to establish presence where Islamists were halted in 17 th C

    Since Saudis rank among worst human rights abusers on the planet is this not a game plan to alleviate any pressure to correct the situation on the home front?