Supreme Court to Hear Oral Arguments on Contraception Mandate


Faith groups are on opposite sides as the Supreme Court prepares to hear arguments surrounding the so-called contraception mandate in the Affordable Care Act. On March 25, the Supreme Court will hear two cases about whether for-profit businesses, with owners who have religious objections to some contraceptives, should have to pay for them in their employees’ insurance plans. One of those companies is the craft store chain Hobby Lobby, which is owned by an evangelical family. This week the U.S. Catholic bishops and Southern Baptists were among religious groups filing briefs in support of the businesses, while other faith groups argued that for-profit companies cannot impose their religious beliefs on their employees.

  • Nita

    The way these people argue against contraception. I have even heard that this is killing babies. Really, now this is dumb. It prevents babies from happening so there is no killing, no murder. I do not understand their arguments.

    Also, they people against the contraceptions have no right to impose their beliefs on others. It seems that stopping unwanted babies also stops more welfare to support them. Their reasonings are flawed……very very flawed.

  • Tomas


  • Justin

    Catholics should be able to run their hospitals according to Catholic belief and ethics. I am a Protestant and do not take issue with come of the birth control methods they do, but for the sake of religious freedom for all, we need to defend the right of Catholic healthcare workers to care for the sick without being forced to violate their conscience.