Sectarian Divides Feed Violence in Egypt


From Egypt come reports of growing sectarian violence. The international group Human Rights Watch criticized authorities for not protecting dozens of churches, schools, and businesses that have recently been attacked in the Christian Coptic community that makes up about 10 percent of predominantly Islamic Egypt. At the same time, a leader of the Coptic Church urged support of Egypt’s military, which continued its clampdown on supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and deposed president Morsi.

  • Sonya

    Hopefully the Muslim Brotherhood will be disbanded and have to go underground as it did when Mubarak was there.
    Only about 1/3 of the population want an Islamic government and the Muslim Brotherhood. Someday, perhaps, a true democratic government may be in Egypt. But for now, they people do not know how to handle it, live with it, and survive under it, so a military government is the best for mow.

  • Terry

    On the bright side, this church for Seventh-day Adventists was human protected by devout Muslims in Egypt these days. What a great display of God’s love by Muslims!