Christian Woman in Sudan Sentenced to Death

christian-Sudan-HEAD-smWorldwide outrage continues in the case of a woman on death row in Sudan for refusing to renounce her Christian faith. This week, Meriam Ibrahim gave premature birth in prison to a daughter. Ibrahim was convicted of apostasy and sentenced to execution after a Sudanese court ruled that her marriage to Daniel Wani, a Christian, was invalid. Ibrahim’s father was a Muslim, but she was raised in the Christian faith of her mother. In Sudan, children must belong to the religion of their fathers, and women are forbidden from marrying outside their faith. Daniel Wani is a naturalized US citizen and has been trying to get citizenship for his wife. Religious freedom advocates have launched a petition drive urging the Obama administration to intervene.

  • Doe

    Watch people now blame ALL of Islam for what is happening in one place–the ultra conservative Sudan. If intervention happens to make this woman a US citizen there would be a stronger point of view to stand on. Here is the US I know several couples who are a Muslin man and a Christian wife. In some cases the children are being raised Muslim and in some cases they are being raised Christians.