Ultraorthodox Jews Protest Bill to End Military Service Exemption

ultra-jews-HEAD-smg Israeli lawmakers passed a controversial measure this week that will force many ultraorthodox Jews to serve in the army or do other civilian service. Since Israel’s founding, ultraorthodox Jews have been permitted to avoid the draft in order to attend religious schools. Many ultraorthodox Jews had been demonstrating against the measure, arguing they serve their country by studying the Torah. Tens of thousands also gathered in New York for a mass prayer service in protest of the bill.

  • Rivka (NYC/Jerusalem)

    The more you give them, the more they will want. These religious fanatics have huge families, the fathers spend all their time in study (study?) and the state supports them. The people of Israel are getting tired of this. They seem to have a lot of time to demonstrate in the streets, yet they say all they do is study. We are getting tired of their constant whining and offering us nothing in return for our financial support.