Syrian War’s Human Rights Violations Are “Of Unimaginable Scope”


United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon opened a new session of the UN Human Rights Council with a strong warning about the war in Syria. Ban said both the Syrian government and rebel groups have committed human rights violations of “unimaginable scope,” and he said the international community must hold the guilty parties accountable. Meanwhile, the US issued a statement condemning threats against Christians inside Syria. A prominent Islamist rebel group announced it will force Syrian Christians either to convert to Islam, pay a large tax, or face death. Before the war, Christians made up about 10 percent of the Syrian population.

  • Jennifer

    I converted from Christianity to Judaism. I could not accept this trinity concept—that of G-d in human form. I studied Islam before doing this, after having studied Judaism for 3 years. I cannot understand how anyone can believe in this Jesus concept. I would not find it hard to convert to Islam if I lived there. My biggest problem with converting to Islam is that all you have to do is say that there in but one G-d and Mohammed his prophet. That is it. I feel one should study for a long time before converting.