Vatican Reaffirms Teaching on Divorced and Remarried Catholics


Despite hopes for an immediate change, the Vatican’s chief official for doctrine this week reaffirmed the Catholic Church’s traditional teaching banning communion for divorced Catholics who remarry. In an article for the Vatican newspaper, Archbishop Gerhard Mueller said those Catholics may receive communion only if their previous marriage is annulled. Pope Francis had recently called for more compassion toward divorced Catholics. He suggested that an upcoming meeting of bishops may discuss the communion issue.

  • oyesalways

    I suspect this is a doctrinal issue for the Catholic Church which evokes strong feelings on both sides. I appreciate Pope Francis’ call for compassion. I can believe that divorced and remarried Catholic faithful miss the spiritual act of taking. Though I come from a Catholic family on my father’s side, I am a Baha’i and we don’t have a similar issue… divorce is allowed in our faith but is discouraged except in cases of extreme antipathy, and granted only after a “year of patience” in which the couple are supposed to see if affection can be reestablished. But we do not distinguish divorced or remarried Baha’is from others, in our community and worship activities. As an “outsider”, I can only comment that I don’t recollect Jesus “checked the divorced folks at the door” when he gave the first communion, or in any way is recorded to have said, “do this in the remembrance of me, except you divorced folks.” I hope all involved in this discussion may be moved by loving kindness and compassion.