World Vision Retracts Decision on Employees in Same-Sex Marriages

world-vision-HEAD-smThe Christian relief group World Vision has reversed its controversial decision to hire employees who are in same-sex marriages. Earlier this week, World Vision had announced it was changing its employment policy to allow Christians in same-sex marriages to work there. The announcement set off a furor among the group’s evangelical supporters, and a number of donors pledged to pull their sponsorships. After two days of withering criticism, World Vision’s board reversed its original decision and issued an apology.

  • Sara

    To bad we cannot get rid of these evangelical types. As far as I am concerned, if we don’t put a stop to them they will be taking over like the Taliban did in Afghanistan. The Muslims have their fundamentalists with their hateful ideas, the Jews have their Hareidi, and the USA has their evangelical fundies. Too bad we cannot get rid of all of them.

  • juststop

    and the worst thing is the people with the money/in a position of power are often these very extremists, makes me sad

  • Manuel Fernandez

    It seems that liberals who are the first to talk about poor and their needs are not first to donate the money. Otherwise World Vision wouldn’t have to embarrass themselves and “change” their opinion rather then belief so soon. However, I’m glad they did.