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    “If we can change the kids, we can have a better world. But it starts with the parents,” says Rev. Troy Lawrence Sr. of Reaping the Harvest, a Full Gospel Baptist Church in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans. He spoke with R&E about gun violence at a peace festival last summer. “Let it be about the kids. If we can save the kids, we can save this next generation.” More

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    Interfaith coalitions are taking a stand against ISIS in the wake of the Paris attacks; a Colombian city ruined by drugs and crime has transformed itself in recent years; and the author of “Between the World and Me” ponders race, … More

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    “If ISIS is allowed to define the terms of this engagement then they’ve pretty much won the battle. We have to understand them and meet them where they’re coming from but not capitulate, not really surrender to the terror they’re trying to spread, because that’s the victory they are looking for,” says Rabbi Jack Moline, executive director of the Interfaith Alliance. More

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    “There still remains a profound level of inequality here and a lot of economic policies that exclude the poor,” says architect Alejandro Echeverri. “But I’m optimistic, because Medellin does have this spirit of social commitment and trust.” More

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    “I didn’t come out of the church. I don’t have an intuitive understanding of what religion gives to people. I just don’t. I didn’t really grow up in a Christian household,” says the author of Between the World and Me. “I’m very distanced from that. For both good and ill, it probably marks my writing.” More

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    Activists in China are successfully fighting industrial pollution in China and holding factories and their customers in the West accountable; and the first Native American Catholic saint has come to symbolize the Catholic Church’s complicated historical relationship with indigenous people. More

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    Climate change activist Ma Jun is successfully fighting factory pollution in China, but should the US pay for the cleanup?

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    “Native spirituality is taking deeper roots within the hearts of Christian people,” says Sister Kateri Mitchell, a member of Mohawk Nation and the Sisters of St. Anne who directs the annual National Tekakwitha Conference for Native American Catholics. More

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    “We know that faith-rooted justice is what builds bridges. Faith-rooted justice takes care of all of our earth, takes care of our people, takes care of our politics,” says Sister Simone Campbell, director of a national Catholic social justice lobby. More

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    A growing coalition says reforming America’s criminal justice system is a matter of faith; Rabbi David Saperstein says religious freedom is central to the American identity; and writer Carla Power and Sheikh Mohammad Akram Nadwi debated Islam’s holy book in search of interfaith understanding. More

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