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    Watch National Catholic Reporter senior correspondent John L. Allen Jr. and Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly managing editor Kim Lawton discuss the Roman Catholic Church’s plan to absorb unhappy Anglicans wishing to become Catholics. More

    October 23, 2009 | Comments

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    Read more of Judy Valente’s interview with Rosemary Radford Ruether on the Catholic sex abuse scandal. More

    May 10, 2002 | Comments

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    Read more of Judy Valente’s interview with Sister Carolyn Farrell on Catholicism in America. More

    May 10, 2002 | Comments

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    As American Catholics have reeled from the disclosures of past sexual abuses by priests, and evidence they were covered up, one of the questions raised has concerned priestly celibacy — abstinence from sex. Was that requirement a cause of the abuses? Is it necessary for dedicated ministry? Should it be made optional? More

    April 12, 2002 | Comments

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    To average Catholics, it may be hard to imagine their priest with a wife and children. But, to a limited extent, it is already happening. More

    June 22, 2001 | Comments