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    “There is a really important role that spirituality is playing among millennials and contemporary activists,” says Sarah Jackson, a professor at Northeastern University in Boston and an expert on social movements. But “it is a spirituality that is not necessarily tied to the formal structures of church organization, and it doesn’t necessarily require a certain type of leadership.” More

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    “What defines you the most is what you do despite your fear,” says Katie Meyler, a 34-year-old American from suburban New Jersey who was working in Liberia in the midst of extreme poverty when Ebola struck. Now she runs a growing network of schools for girls and says, “Nobody chooses Liberia. Liberia chooses you. You can make a big difference here.” More

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    “I have never held myself out as a Muslim leader,” says Sadiq Khan, who became mayor of London shortly before Britain voted to leave the European Union. “But it’s a fact I’m a leader of Islamic faith, so that brings with [it] a responsibility, especially in current times.” More

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    “The buffalo was always part of our daily life,” says Harry Barnes, chairman of the Blackfeet Tribal Business Council. “It was in front of us, it was behind us, it was around us. It created our shelter, our clothing, and that was an integral part of us. And then after we lost it, it was a major shift in our spirituality.” More

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    The majority of patients are Muslim, and the majority of doctors and nurses are Christian at this hospital near the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. “The aim is to help people—to help the poor, to help the sick, Muslim, Christian, or whatever… We don’t refuse anybody,” says Dr. Salim Kunkr of Holy Family Hospital. More

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    “Refugees are not the ones harming this country,” says Aden Batar, director of immigration and refugee resettlement for Catholic Community Services of Utah. “Ever since the refugee resettlement program started back in the ’70s, we have more than 3 million successfully resettled in the US, and those refugees are contributing members of our society.”

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    “Carols and hymns are amazingly succinct theological statements,” says Eileen Guenther, professor of church history at Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, DC. “There is more theology in a few words of poetry than you can possibly imagine. You can have a whole sermon in four lines.” More

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    “We’ve got to protect our congregation and ourselves,” says David Lee, a Presbyterian church deacon. But “how do you really do that if someone enters our facility with intent to do harm? It’s not clear how do we go about doing things.” More

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    “These are shaky times,” says Christian gospel, R&B, rap, pop, and hip-hop artist Kirk Franklin. “I’m praying and hoping maybe one thing that I’ve said, from somebody who came from nothing, could maybe still give just a little bit of hope that it can get better.” More

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    “We do have a higher rate of violence—not crime, but a higher rate of violence—than other industrialized nations,” says Marc Mauer, executive director of the Sentencing Project. “Some of that, our high murder rate, is related to the widespread availability of guns and illegal weapons.” More

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