The Mona Lisa Mystery

Hers is the most famous smile in the world — the one and only Mona Lisa. Or is it unique? With its striking similarities to the painting in the Louvre Museum, the so-called Isleworth Mona Lisa has remained an art world mystery since she was found in 1912. Did Leonardo da Vinci paint the legendary […]

Premiered July 9, 2014
Video expires July 9, 2024

Carthage’s Lost Warriors

In 146 BC, as the Romans conquered the vast Carthaginian Empire in North Africa, thousands of people fled their homeland. Now, science is suggesting some may have taken refuge thousands of miles away in South America. Evidence suggests that contact with the West occurred long before Columbus arrived.

Premiered April 2, 2014
Video expires April 2, 2017

The Lost Diary of Dr. Livingstone

Examine new forensic techniques being used to study the explorer’s lost diary. Livingstone’s account of the mass slaughter of the village Nyangwe, recorded in his journal, horrified the American and British public and ultimately led to the end of the African slave trade, and closing down the world’s last open slave market. But Livingstone may not have told the entire story of the massacre in his journal.

Premiered March 26, 2014
Video expires March 26, 2017