Posted: November 8th, 2010
Slave Ship Mutiny
Behind the Scenes

Go behind the scenes and see the making of Secrets of the Dead: Slave Ship Mutiny. Learn how the story of Massavana and The Meermin was uncovered and adapted to television through interviews with historian Nigel Warden and producer/director Joe Kennedy. See what it was like to bring this story to life with special behind-the-scenes footage of the actors, crew and interviews with drama director Nic Young. And understand just how much the story means to South Africans such as heritage activist Lucy Campbell, and everyone who was involved in the production.

  • Debbie Clayton

    Dear Sir,
    My husband and I were looking forward to seeing your show about the Meermin tonight on Secrets of the Dead. But the show went off the air about 15 minutes into the program. What a shame as it looked very interesting and informative. This is very disappointing as it was the only show worth watching on tv tonight. If I think of it, I will tape it on sunday at 1:00am.

    Debbie Clayton,
    Squamish BC

  • Kevin Wafford

    The story of the Meermin ….is one of black history best kept secretes….I just finished watching the documentary and it will have to go in my archives of s best documentaries. I LOVE IT!!!!


    We cannot see the film because of the rights…..Is there any way to clear all these …..Malagasy people would love to see it also …..It is their history anyway ….

  • Debi Wells

    I found this story very, very moving. I had never heard of Massavana and The Meermin, or even the fact that Cape Town used slaves! I have a new hero to look to, a man of fierce initiative whose only crime was fighting for his freedom – and that of his fellow captives. I am an American of mixed heritage – American Indian mostly, but in our distant family history: African American as well. I feel those roots the more I research into slavery – and this has become an entirely new branch. Thanks for making this movie, and for changing people’s lives thru it.
    I loved the music in this documentary, and would love to know if there is a soundtrack or if you could point me in the right direction to obtain it. I found it so moving it brought me to tears!

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