Posted: May 22nd, 2011
Lost Ships of Rome
Image Gallery

See stills and images of individuals featured in Lost Ships of Rome.

  • Heather Wacka

    Hi I would like to learn more about all of the Amphora shapes that you know about
    on the internet I would like to know where I can find this information
    Thank You please email me back

  • Melissa Bower

    Wow. I can’t imagine the sheer physical fitness and mental preparation that Roberto Rinaldi must have, diving to that 400 feet. The fact that he dove for Jaques Coustou says something. Wow, amazing job, Roberto.

  • Tgr

    I waited the entire show to see their discoveries cleaned up. Never got to see that. The fermenting fish was a great touch to the show!

  • Pat Smith

    Just watch the end of the show and I love the pictures. Can’t wait to see it again as they reveal more of their findings and validate the period of the pots.

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