Posted: May 11th, 2009
Michelangelo Revealed
Learn About The Producers

Fabrizio RuggirelloFabrizio Ruggirello, Director

Fabrizio Ruggirello got his start with Maya inn (1989), a documentary produced in Guatemala, and America (1994), a film with Julian Sands which screened at the Human Rights Worldwide Conference in Vienna – in addition to many other international festivals. Since then he has worked as a director on many commercials, video clips, short films, and documentary features – winning in 2003 the prize for Best Director at the MEI Videoclip Awards. In 2006 Ruggirello directed the documentary short “Lu’ makes no miracles,” which won the First Prize as Best Italian Short Film at the Rome Independent Film Festival, as well as the Kodak Prize. That summer, in cooperation with the Roberto Rossellini Italian Foundation, Ruggirello started work on a documentary called Rossellini, a different view, which involved many people who worked together with the famous Italian filmmaker including crew and assistants. In 2007 he stared on L’eretico, a film documentary based on the life of the Italian heretic Dolcino. L’eretico was produced by Ruggifilm, Full Moon Films, the Torino Film Commission and Regione Piemonte. Rugirello lives and works in Rome.

Marco Visalberghi, Producer

Marco Visalberghi has worked as a producer and director since 1969. Since 1980 he has collaborated with the RAI’s flagship science magazine series Superquark. In 1988 he founded Paneikon Productions and worked as its Managing Director and Executive Producer. His vision led Paneikon into the International market of science and technology as well as nature and wildlife documentary filmmaking. In 1999 he founded DocLab Productions and acts as its Managing Director. His passion for his work leads him to constantly seek the combination of technical innovation, creative talent and a good story for the audience. Over the last years DocLab has worked regularly with well-known broadcasters such as Discovery Channel, National Geographic, NOVA/WGBH, Nature-WNET, WDR in Germany, NHK in Japan as well as the Italian national networks RAI and Mediaset.

Vania Del Borgo, Writer

Vania Del Borgo is a Rome-based producer with many years’ experience in the UK where she worked as an independent producer and director until 1999 mainly for Channel 4. Among her UK credits are Dead West: The War on the American Desert (1994), The Hanged Man: Nigeria’s Shame (1995), An Open Letter to India (1996), Letters from America (1997) and Love Me Tender (1999). In Italy she has worked as a producer/director for the RAI’s thematic satellite channel RAI SAT ART and for the current affairs documentary series C’era una volta, broadcast by RAI Tre. In 2002 she joined Doclab, an independent production company, as a development producer. In 2004 she produced and co-wrote the feature-length documentary Excellent Cadavers for BBC Storyville and France 2, YLE, SBS, ORF.  In 2005 she produced and directed On Assignment for Mussolini for RAI Tre and History Channel Italy. In 2006 she co-wrote The Rosselli Files and in 2007/8 she wrote Michelangelo Revealed.

Jared Lipworth, Executive Producer & Director, Science Programs, THIRTEEN

As director of science programs, Mr. Lipworth is responsible for commissioning and executive producing all science programs produced by Thirteen’s Science, Natural History and Features department. Current projects in production or development include Secrets of the Dead VI and VII, The Human Spark, Ground War, Curious II and more. Recently completed projects include The Mysterious Human Heart, Curious, Warplane and Secrets of the Dead V.

Prior to becoming executive producer and then director of science programs, Mr. Lipworth was the series producer for the department’s technology series, Innovation. He also served as series producer for the Emmy-nominated Secrets of the Dead III and coordinating producer for many of the department’s projects, including Warrior Challenge, Secrets of the Pharaohs, the Emmy Award-winning Frontier House and The Secret Life of the Brain, Warship, Taxi Dreams, Echoes From The White House and Savage Planet. In 2003, Mr. Lipworth was nominated for a writing Emmy for Secrets of the Dead: Mystery of the Black Death. Additional credit at Thirteen include post-production producer for The American President and 1900 House, and production assistant for Savage Seas, On The Trail of Mark Twain, The Great Balloon Race and Stories of Lupus.

Before arriving at Thirteen, Mr. Lipworth produced, directed and edited In the Footsteps of the Black Rhino for the BBC’s Animal Zone. He received his master’s degree in broadcast journalism from New York University, where he won the award for academic excellence, and he received his bachelor’s degree in business management from Cornell University.

See what Executive Producer Jared Lipworth has to say about this episode on the Inside THIRTEEN blog.

  • kathryn Smith

    I would like to have read more about the actual program re: Michelangelo

  • Dr Patricia Duick

    I want to know when the Michelangelp show will be repeated. I missed the first one on the 13th. Also I would like to know more about the actual contents of the film. What was the writer’s main objective? TO PROVE WHAT really HAPPENED TO Michaleangelo? i just returned from Rome and saw the C. Chapel. how Glorious! tHIS MAN DESERVES MORE RESEARCH AND I AM PLEASED TO SEE IT BEING DONE ONPBS. tELL ME MORE!!! dr Patricia Duick

  • loius johannigman

    I echo both of the above comments. I hope this documentary will be repeated because I missed the first half of the program last night.

  • John Manuel

    I enjoyed the program, but a heavy storm interrupted much of the narrative. I’d like to see it again, but also to read more about this very interesting topic. Studying Michaelangelo’s history has brought up many questions which this documentary helps to answer.

  • Anne Ragland

    I caught most of the program, missed the beginning. Would like to know some books to read more, what an interesting life.

  • Donna Hues

    As an Art teacher, I was fascinated with the program last night. I would like to read more about Michelanglo and the Spirituali group. A book was sighted, but I didn’t get the complete title or author. Could you send me the title and author? He was interviewed on the program and the title was something like: Michelangelo and the Religious……….? thank you ver much. Keep these great programs coming!
    Donna Hues

  • Lurline

    I have the same comment as Donna Hues. Could you please send me the title and author of the book discussed. Thank you.

  • sandra quintero

    If you would like to read more about Michelangelo I recommend “Michelangelo and the Pope’s Ceiling” by Ross King.

  • Alex P

    I was fascinated with the facts and logical deduction made and enjoyed the program. I am also interested in the book of the spiritual group. Could you please send me the title and author.

  • Jonas Espinoza

    The idea of “only by faith” send many to death. They paid the price; so today we can read the book of Romans by St.Paul, and beleived to start a relationship with God that is always present.

  • Mark Sellers

    It sounds like Micheal Angelo was truly influenced by Luther and John Calvin; “The Just (Justified in Christ) shall live by faith”.

  • Gerald Nichols

    Mark Sellers says:
    April 29, 2010 at 4:29 pm
    It sounds like Micheal Angelo was truly influenced by Luther and John Calvin; “The Just (Justified in Christ) shall live by faith”.

    Perhaps, but I would hope more by St. Paul the apostle of the Gentiles. Luther and the reformers only “scratched the surface” so to speak. Today we benefit from centuries of free bible study and the dispensationalists of our time have opened up for us a true understanding of the bible that Rome still rejects.

  • Jennifer

    It reaired on June 16th. It is online at

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