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Browse images related to Secrets of the Dead: Japanese Supersub including photos of the original Japanese and United States naval crews, stills from animated renderings of the I-400 in action, and the final moment of surrender when the sub was captured.

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Black Surrender FlagI-400 flying the black flag of surrenderCredit: NARA
I-400 conning towerThe captured I-400 with its new Anglicized lettering on the conning tower. Credit: NARA
I-400 in drydockOnce they arrived at Pearl Harbor the captured supersubs were put in dry dock and carefully inspected. Credit: NARA
US and Japanese crew togetherU.S. Navy and Japanese officers and crew members had to learn to communicate to the operate the captured subs. Credit: NARA
I-400 harboredCaptured I-400 submarine off the coast of Japan soon after the war's end. Credit: NARA
SuperSub's HangarsAnimated rendering of an I-400 with planes in its hangers. Credit: Fluid Pictures Limited
The US Navy InspectsU.S. Navy personnel inspect the I-400's huge watertight hangar. Credit: NARA
Supersub Launch RampI-400 submarine’s long launch ramp. Credit: NARA
SuperSub underwaterCutaway view of an I-400 submerged with three bombers in its water-tight hangar. Credit: Fluid Pictures Limited
SuperSub AnimationAnimated rendering of an I-400 launching an attack on New York City. Credit: Fluid Pictures Limited
The War RoomHistorians in the film’s "War Room" explore the secrets of Japan's secret I-400 aircraft-carrying submarine. From left to right: Eric Grove, Carl Boyd, Osamu Tagaya. Credit: Anna Saraceno
A tense surrenderNegotiations were tense aboard the super subs after surrender to the U.S. Navy.Credit: NARA
I-400 on surfaceOne of two I-400s under sail. Credit: National Archives and Records Administration