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SECRETS OF THE DEAD Crime scene investigations meet historyFor Educators
Case File: Battle for the Bible
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Wesley Center for
Applied Theology
The Wesley Center for Applied Theology has John Wycliffe's translation of the Bible, with original spellings, available for download both by book and in its entirety.

Medieval Sourcebook
A compilation from Fordham University of the text of primary sources from the Medieval Ages, including, here, the Bull of Pope Gregory XI against John Wycliffe, and Wycliff's reply.

The Reformation Guide
An extensive listing of Web sites with primary documents from and additional information about key historical figures in the Reformation, compiled by the College of Education at Michigan State University.

The Metropolitan Museum
of Art: Timeline of Art
A thematic essay and timeline of art history during the Reformation from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

BBC: The Reformation english_reformation_01.shtml
A short history of the Reformation from the BBC, with links to interactive features and external Web sites.


By Diarmaid MacCulloch
An authoritative, 750-page account of the Reformation from a professor of history at Oxford University.


By David Daniell
An intellectual biography of the primary translator of the King James Bible.

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Published in April 2007
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