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Digging for the Truth

Video clips from: Gangland Graveyard

Watch these video clips with your students. The questions that accompany them can be discussed in class or printed out and answered individually by your students.

Video clip 1 In order to uncover the mysteries behind mafia triple murder, the FBI must dig for evidence. Watch as the FBI struggles to obtain forensics evidence from a 20-year old crime scene.

Play Video Clip 1

  • Why was the FBI digging in this particular lot?

  • How was this different from an archaeological dig?

  • How did finding the dog bone contribute to the case?
Video clip 2 The dig continues as the FBI agents are faced with natural challenges from ground water and mud. Their efforts are rewarded when a skull is uncovered.

Play Video Clip 2

  • How did the FBI agents respond to the unique challenges of this dig?

  • What did finding the first human bone indicate?

  • What new information could be determined from finding a skull at this site?

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