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Well, It's Not Rocket Science... or Is It?

Video clips from: The Hunt for Nazi Scientists

Watch these video clips with your students. The questions that accompany them can be discussed in class or printed out and answered individually by your students.

Video clip 1 This introduction to the episode explains why it was important to find the Nazi scientists and includes footage of the Germans' first vengeance weapon, the V-1.

Play Video Clip 1

  • What was the mission of the elite allied groups' agents and commandos?

  • Why did the Allied Forces want to find the Nazi scientists?

  • What was the first of Hitler's "vengeance" weapons, and why was it significant?
Video clip 2 The innovative advances of the V-2 rocket are exposed and von Braun is introduced as the man behind the science.

Play Video Clip 2

  • What was unique about the V-2?

  • Describe how the V-2 was guided.

  • What powered the V-2?

  • How powerful was it?

  • Who created the V-2 rocket?

  • What was von Braun's dream?

  • Why was von Braun willing to work for Hitler?
Video clip 3 The secret underground facility where the V-2 rockets were produced is revealed, along with the controversial methods of how the work was done.

Play Video Clip 3

  • What was Mittelwerk?

  • How many V-2's were produced there?

  • How was von Braun able to produce so many rockets in such a short time?

  • How many laborers were killed during the production of V-2's. Why?

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