Deadliest Battle


The Battle of Stalingrad is known as one of the most pivotal actions of World War II. More than a million lives were lost in seven months of unrelenting fighting, and the eventual German defeat destroyed Hitler’s dream of commanding a global empire. For decades after the war, the battle was seen as a defining […]

Churchill’s Deadly Decision


July 3, 1940. After only 54 days into office, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill ordered his Navy to take control of French ships, or destroy them if the French refused to relinquish control. What led to this unprecedented and controversial attack was a dramatic series of events that saw France being overrun by the Nazis […]

Japanese SuperSub


Spring, 1946. Ten months after the end of World War II, an explosion rocks the Pacific off the coast of Hawaii. America has just destroyed one of Japan’s most advanced weapons systems – the I-401 aircraft carrier submarine. The supersub combined the stealth and tactical advantages of sea and sky and was invented to execute […]

Dogfight Over Guadalcanal

Barrett Tillman

Barrett Tillman, an author and historian who appears in the film “Dogfight Over Guadalcanal,” discusses the art of the dogfight and the Guadalcanal campaign.

Bridge on the River Kwai

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Under harsh conditions, POWs, along with thousands of Asian laborers, were ordered by the Japanese to complete a railway linking Thailand and Burma while the US military was developing a new weapon — a “smart bomb.”