Whether viewed as the worst capacity of humanity or times of bravery and opposition to injustice, these chapters in our history brought destruction and death and forever changed our landscape. You may know who won these famous battles, but certain revelations shed new light on prevailing ideas.

The Real Trojan Horse

The Trojan Horse… It was the ultimate sneak attack, bringing a city that would withstood nine years of battle to its knees. But was it simply a work of fiction? Or did the Greeks really trick the Trojans into defeat with a giant wooden horse that concealed enough soldiers to reduce the powerful city to rubble? Are the city of Troy and the familiar story of the Trojan War as recounted in Homer’s ancient Greek epic poem, the Iliad, fact or fiction?

Premiered October 13, 2015

Bugging Hitler’s Soldiers

Spied upon by MI19 in a bugging operation of unprecedented scale and cunning, 4,000 German POW’s revealed their inner thoughts about the Third Reich and let slip military secrets that helped the Allies win WWII.

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Deadliest Battle

The Battle of Stalingrad is known as one of the most pivotal actions of World War II. Newly-released archives are revealing a very different picture of the battle that changed the course of history.

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The Hunt for Nazi Scientists

At the end of WWII, undercover Allied agents engaged in a desperate race to capture the elite of Germany’s scientific community, aiming for a major advantage in the looming Cold War and Space Race. The Hunt for Nazi Scientists examines this crucial pursuit through eye-witness accounts of these daring missions.

Premiered October 18, 2008

Bridge on the River Kwai

While remnants of the abandoned structure exist today, jungles have consumed much of what remains. Construction records and documents revealing the railway’s route are scarce. So just how did a team of men in such poor condition and confronted with so many obstacles manage to build the railway? And how did their Allied brethren achieve its demolition?

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Dogfight Over Guadalcanal

Deep in the jungle of Guadalcanal are the rusting remains of a WW2 fighter jet, identified as James “Pug” Southerland’s doomed Wildcat. This documentary examines and recreates every dramatic moment of the South Pacific mid-air showdown that grounded the jet.

Premiered November 7, 2006

Umbrella Assassin

On September 11, 1978, Bulgarian Cold War defector Georgi Markov died. Three days before, while waiting for a bus, Markov felt a sudden sting in the back of his thigh and was soon hospitalized. After his death, an investigation ruled Markov had been poisoned with a pellet of ricin. But how and by whom?

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Amazon Warrior Women

While the myth of the Amazons, a tribe of bloodthirsty blond women, has lingered for centuries, proof of their existence had always been lacking. Now, a 2,500-year-old mystery may have been solved, cracked by an American scientist whose ten-year odyssey led her tens of thousands of miles in pursuit of the truth.

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Bombing Nazi Dams

In 1943, 133 decorated members of the Royal Air Force boarded 19 modified Lancaster bombers, each equipped with a top-secret weapon — a bouncing bomb invented by Allied aircraft designer Barnes Wallis — meant to shatter Germany’s major dams. How did Wallis come up with this unlikely weapon? What did he go through to make it functional, and how did the elite airmen ensure its successful deployment?

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