Shakespeare in Memphis, TN

WKNO in Memphis, TN is partnering with Tennessee Shakespeare Company (TSC) to celebrate the works of William Shakespeare as a companion project to the PBS series Shakespeare Uncovered. They are holding screenings and a workshop, presenting a Shakespearean costume exhibit and creating short videos to show how Shakespeare’s legacy is still strong and how his themes continue to be relevant to us 400 years later.

Conversation With…Dan McCleary Tennessee Shakespeare Company

Pierre Kimsey talks with the founder and producing artistic director of Tennessee Shakespeare Company. A Memphis native, Dan McCleary talks about how he came to love Shakespeare, his career as an actor and a director, how Tennessee Shakespeare Company was born and why Shakespeare continues to resonate with audiences, four hundred years later.

“The Apparel Oft Proclaims the Man”

In conjunction with Shakespeare Uncovered, WKNO and Tennessee Shakespeare Company hosted a Shakespearean Costume Exhibit. The exhibit was curated by TSC designer Bruce Bui.