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Anne Boleyn | 1501?-1536
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Anne Boleyn

t a time when fair women were the apotheosis of beauty, brunette, dark-eyed and olive-skinned Anne Boleyn was not considered beautiful. Anne's eyes were sparkling and expressive and, according to her contemporary biographer Lancelot De Carles, she knew how to "use [them] with effect."

Anne was of medium height, not full-breasted nor full-figured but she did have a long elegant neck that was praised by her admirers. She had a few moles and was said to have had a sixth finger. George Wyatt, another biographer, called it an extra nail "upon the side of her nail upon one of her fingers," which she would carefully conceal.

Anne was witty, confident, and assertive -- not quiet, gentle or demure -- the admired qualities of a 16th century woman. She was charming and talkative, but also had a fiery temper that she never learned to control.
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Top: Anne Boleyn from Hever Castle

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