The Six Wives of Henry VIII
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Anne Boleyn | 1501?-1536
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Hever Castle

nne's early education was typical of her class. She learned to play the lute and other musical instruments, to sing and to dance. Anne's father recognized his daughter's intelligence and managed to secure a spot for her in the court of Archduchess Margaret, Regent of the Netherlands in Brabant (in modern-day Belgium). At the age of 12 or 13, Anne was sent away to Brabant to learn French and other skills desirable in court life. Almost two years later, she would join the court of Henry's sister, Mary, now the Queen of France. By the time she returned to England eight years later, she was "so graceful that you would never have taken her for an Englishwoman, but for a Frenchwoman born," wrote her biographer De Carles.

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Above: Hever Castle, Anne's childhood home

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