The Six Wives of Henry VIII
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Catherine of Aragon

rom the age of three, Catherine of Aragon had known that her fate was to one day become queen of England. She was educated accordingly. At a time when many princesses were lucky if they could read and write at all, Catherine was schooled in Latin and French, religious texts, Roman history, philosophy, civil and church law plus traditional bridal skills - embroidery, music, dance, drawing and, even, cooking. In later years, the Dutch humanist thinker Erasmus would rate her education superior to that of her husband, Henry VIII. Catherine's mother, Isabella of Castile, a ruler in her own right, had taught herself Latin and was a strong believer in the value of a humanist education for her daughters. Henry VII wrote that he would give half his kingdom if Catherine displayed the talents of her mother. She would prove up to the task.
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