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Edward VI and the Pope
Unknown, c. 1570
Credit: National Portrait Gallery

In 1516, Martin Luther nailed 95 theses condemning papal indulgences to the door of a church in Germany. His views would spread across Europe, but in England they met with fierce resistance. In 1521, Henry VIII, with the help of his chancellor Sir Thomas More, wrote an attack on Luther's character and views. As a reward for attacking Lutheran ideas, Pope Leo X granted Henry the title "Defender of the Faith." But when the pope prevented Henry from obtaining a divorce from Catherine of Aragon, Henry broke England's ties with the Catholic Church and named himself "Supreme Head of the Church of England." Nonetheless, the king still did not tolerate reformist views. Staunch Catholics and hard-line reformers alike were persecuted during the rest of his reign. At Henry's death in 1547, the kingdom was still divided over religion. This painting portrays the religious issues of the time as well as the effects of Henry's actions on his heir, Edward VI.
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Elizabeth I
Mary I
Lady Jane Grey