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Classified submitted by Samuel Dove from THE COLORED TENNESSEAN
August 12, 1865
Courtesy of the Chicago Historical Society
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Photo of a classified add submitted by Samuel Dove
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After the Civil War, thousands of newly free African Americans sought to locate family members from whom they had been separated during enslavement. Samuel Dove took a common approach, placing an ad in a regional newspaper in hopes that someone would provide him with information concerning the whereabouts of his mother and siblings.

SAML. DOVE wishes to know of the whereabouts of his mother, Areno, his sisters Maria, Neziah, and Peggy, and his brother Edmond, who were owned by Geo. Dove, of Rockingham county, Shenandoah Valley, VA. Sold in Richmond, after which Saml. and Edmond were taken to Nashville, Tenn., by Joe Mick; Areno was left at the Eagle Tavern, Richmond

Respectfully yours,
Utica, New York, Aug. 5, 1865-3m
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