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Letters from the Freedmen's Bureau Agent Thomas P. Jackson
Courtesy of National Archives, Washington, DC

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Document Description
During Reconstruction, the Freedmen's Bureau aided former slaves in finding and reuniting with loved ones. These two letters written by Bureau Agent Thomas P. Jackson involve the case of Marian Hall, who was attempting to reclaim his daughter from whom he was separated during slavery. Hall claimed that S.C. Slaven refused to return the girl on the grounds that she was bound to him.

July 10 1867
Capt John A McDonnell
Sub Asst Com

On the 27 of May Marian Hall (c) made com- plaint at this office that S.C. Slaven of Highland Co witheld from him his daughter Mary Elizabeth on the ground said child had been bound to him by the County Court of Bath Co. Va. I wrote to Slaven on the 30 of May but received no reply. Since, looking over some papers, I find letter from S.C. Slaven received some time before I took charge, which I respectfully transmit asking that the records of the court of Bath Co. be ex- amined to see if the indenture will be recognized as fair and valid by the Bureau. The father claim he is fully able to support the child and was when taken from him but being himself a slave the authorities would not allow him to retain or provide for it.

Yr. obt servt
Tho P Jackson


Aug 7 1867
Marian Hall (c)
Care of Tho I White

I have had enquiry made in Bath County and it appears your child Mary Elizabeth was not there bound to Stuart C Slaven of Highland Co. If you wish to receive the child you must call at the office first opportunity


Tho P Jackson

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