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Sentencing of two white women
c. 1684
Cited in Northampton County, Virginia, COURT ORDERS AND MINUTES RELATING TO FREE AFRICAN AMERICANS AND INDIANS, 1654-1795, Wills, Orders, 1683-1689, Library of Virginia microfilm no. 27.
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Document Description
Virginia law made it a crime for white women to bear the children of enslaved black men. These court records from Northampton County document the punishments given to two white women found guilty of bearing mulatto children.

Whereas Sarah Dawson servt. to Mr. Jno Eyre being summoned to answer the presentation of the Grand Jury for fornication and having by her own confession acknowledged in open court that she had three barstard maletto children by her said master's Negro slave Peter, serve six years & receive twenty one lashes.

16 July 1684, Whereas Elizabeth Kettle servt. woman to Lt. Col. Tilney having acknowledged in open court that shee hath a bastard child which her said master's Negro is the father receive twenty one lashes and serve her master according to act.

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