Slavery and the Making of AmericaPicture of slave women cultivating a village garden in Central Africa, Courtesy of the University of Virginia Library
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Rationale for the exhibit:

To begin with, we met to choose a theme. Mr. Munzel showed us an on-line book called “Incidents of a Slave Girl” and we liked the book. We wanted to look at slavery from the perspective of a child living in slavery. That became our theme at first but as we read the book and looked at the catalogue of images we each found that we were amazed by the horror of slavery and that influenced our final choices for the exhibit.

There were eleven of us who worked on the whole project from start to finish. We were in different classes taught by Mr. Munzel and we only met together once to decide what theme we would use, to see the images, and to divide up the book’s chapters to look for quotes. Mr. Munzel made copies of the images for us to take home. We read the on-line book at home. After we copied quotes from our chapters we matched them with images. Then each of our groups met with Mr. Munzel to share how we were progressing with our work. Finally, we all read our quotes to the rest of the group and showed the images we thought went best with them. Sometimes the rest of the group would suggest a different image, so that became what we decided on.

We had a total of sixty-three quotes and images but since our exhibit was to have about twenty we had to decide which ones were the best. Each of our groups met to pick just a few from each group. It was interesting to see how each of us saw something different about slavery. Sometimes one image would have been matched to two or three different quotes and we decided to only use each image once. After talking about which quotes to use we decided on the image for that quote.

This was a hard project in some ways, like having to decide which quotes and images were best, but it was important to learn about how slaves lived and tried to escape slavery. We all feel that slavery was a terrible thing. How could it have ever been a part of America?

The researchers: Ahmad, Allie, Annika, Ari, Connie, Curtis, Jason, Kyle, Sonya, Stephan, Yale

The teacher: Steve Munzel
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