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Far East

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When STAGE ON SCREEN sought to include A.R. Gurney's play FAR EAST in the premiere season the question arose as to how to best translate this critically acclaimed play to television while retaining its theatrical heart and soul.

For this 90-minute television adaptation Gurney, in collaboration with director Daniel Sullivan and producer Casey Childs, had to rethink the play for the small screen. They had to adapt a very stylized theatrical play that relied on many traditional Japanese forms such as Kabuki, to create a more naturalistic environment. In fact, in reinventing the play for television, Gurney created the role of Sachiko, Sparky's love interest, who was originally an off-screen character.

Here you will find interviews with playwright A.R. Gurney and actress Lisa Emery as they discuss the challenges of adapting FAR EAST from stage to screen. These videos require the RealPlayer plug-in. To learn more about the people involved in the production of FAR EAST, check out the bios of playwright A.R. Gurney, director Daniel Sullivan, producer Casy Childs, and the principal cast.