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On the brevity of the Constitution

Our Constitution is so brief. It's just a little document, with very, something like twenty pages in a little pamphlet like this. And what it basically did was to set up the structure of government set up the structure of government and say what the powers of the Executive Branch are, the President, and the powers of the Legislative branch and the powers of the Judiciary. And that was its significance. Of course, to get it approved it had to have the Bill of Rights attached, the first ten amendments. But that was an add on. It was the structure of government that the framers struggled with in Philadelphia over the summer. And that's what they achieved. And it's very brief in its provisions. By way of comparison recently the European Union tried to cobble together a constitution, if you will, for the members, member nations of the European Union. What they came up with was over three hundred pages long. And when it was submitted to the various countries for approval it was rejected by some and couldn't be adopted. And I suspect in part it was because it was so complex. The framers of our Constitution were wise in making it brief. And that's why it's lasted longer than any other constitution in the world today.

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