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The Court and Democracy
The Look of Authority
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The Look of Authority
The Supreme Court Building
The Supreme Court Building
For nearly a century and a half, the Supreme Court convened in borrowed spaces -- first in the Royal Exchange building in New York, then Philadelphia's Independence Hall and City Hall. When the nation's capital moved to Washington, D.C. in 1800, the Court moved into the new Capitol building, initially occupying a room that had been intended for use by a House committee. Through the following decades, the Court used various rooms throughout the Capitol, occasionally even meeting in homes or taverns while displaced by construction projects. In 1860, the Court moved into what is now known as the Old Senate Chamber, where it would remain for 75 years. Finally, in 1929, at the urging of Chief Justice and former President William Howard Taft, Congress authorized the creation of a building for the Supreme Court. The Court moved into its new home in 1935.
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