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With Liberty and Justice for All
by Lena Morreale Scott for Street Law, Inc.

Print out and make copies of these organizers for your students:

  • Handout and Transparency #1: Civil Liberties and Civil Rights -- Download

  • Handout #2: Viewer's Guide for "A Nation of Liberties" -- Democracy and World War II -- Download

  • Pledge of Allegiance (Teacher Version) -- Download

  • Handout #3: Viewing Guide for "A Nation of Liberties" -- The Gobitas Children and the Pledge -- Download

  • Handout #4: West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette (1943) -- Download

  • (Optional) Handout #5: Tracing the Evolution of the Pledge of Allegiance -- Download

Resources Used for Lesson Development:

  • This Web site, written by Street Law, Inc. with the Supreme Court Historical Society, contains lesson plans, primary source materials, and other information about key cases decided by the Supreme Court of the United States. It also includes teaching methods and strategies for teaching about the Court similar to those used in this lesson plan.

  • and its companion site offer many lesson plans and resources to teach about the First Amendment, including news articles that are contemporary to the decisions discussed in this lesson.

  • Definitions for Key Terms:

    • THE AMERICAN HERITAGE COLLEGE DICTIONARY, THIRD EDITION. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1993, page 782

    • Wikipedia, a free online encyclopedia, has basic information about the pledge that was helpful in developing this lesson.

    • For Transparency and Handout #1, the summary of basic ideas to keep in mind about constitutional rights are adapted with permission from Lee Arbetman and Ed O'Brien, STREET LAW: A COURSE IN PRACTICAL LAW, SEVENTH EDITION. [[[CITY:]]] Glencoe, 2005, pages 442--43.

      For more information about this practical law textbook for high school students, go to

      For more information and curriculum from the organization, Street Law, Inc., go to