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01/16/08 MeadWestvaco Corp. v. Illinois Dep't of Revenue taxation, taxing out-of-state corporations, Allied-Signal
01/16/08 Quanta Computer, Inc., v. LG Electronics patents, royalties, licensing fees
01/15/08 Begay v. United States Armed Career Criminal Act, Sentencing Guidelines, felony, crime of violence, statutory interpretation, legislative history, driving while intoxicated, Booker
01/14/08 Preston v. Ferrer Federal Arbitration Act, federalism, statuory construction, contract, administrative agencies
01/14/08 Preston v. Ferrer Federal Arbitration Act, federalism, statuory construction, contract, administrative agencies
01/14/08 Virginia v. Moore Fourth Amendment, search and seizure, evidence, exclusionary clause, search incident to arrest, federalism
01/09/08 Crawford v. Marion Cty Elec. Bd & Indiana Democratic Pty v. Rokita voting rights, voter identification law, political parties
01/09/08 Kentucky Retirement Sys. v. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Age discrimination, pensions, statutory interpretation, legislative history
01/08/08 Boulware v. United States Tax evasion, return of capital rule
01/08/08 Gonzalez v. United States Magistrate judges, jury selection, voir dire, plain error
01/07/08 Baze v. Rees Eighth Amendment, cruel and unusual punishment, lethal injection, death penalty
01/07/08 Dada v. Mukasey immigration, voluntary departure, adjustment of status, statutory interpretation
01/01/08 United States v. Rodriquez Armed Career Criminal Act, statutory intepretation, sentencing, recidivism
12/05/07 Boumediene, Lakhdar, et al. v. Bush, George, et al. / Al Odah, Khaled, et al. v. U.S. Habeas corpus, Suspension Clause, executive power, prisoners of war, statutory construction
12/04/07 Riegel, Charles, et ux. v. Medtronic, Inc. preemption, torts, Medical Device Act, Medtronic, federalism
12/04/07 Snyder, Allen v. Louisiana Equal Protection Clause, jury selection, peremptory challenge, Batson v. Kentucky
12/03/07 Sprint/United Management Co. v. Mendelsohn, Ellen Age Discrimination in Employment Act, discrimination, evidence, testimony
11/28/07 Rowe, G. Steven (Maine Atty. Gen.) v. New Hampshire Motor Transport Assn., et al. preemption, tobacco, Federal Aviation Administration Authorization Act, motor transport
11/27/07 Knight, Michael (Trustee of William Rudkin Testamentary Trust) v. Internal Revenue Commissioner Trusts and estates, taxation
11/26/07 LaRue, James v. DeWolff, Boberg & Assoc., Inc., et al. ERISA, pension plans, fiduciary breach, equitable relief
11/07/07 Hall Street Assoc., L.L.C. v. Mattel, Inc. Arbitration, Federal Arbitration Act, vacating awards, statutory construction
11/06/07 Federal Express Corp. v. Holowecki, Paul, et al. Employment discrimination, EEOC, intake questionnaires
11/06/07 John R. Sand & Gravel Co. v. U.S. Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act of 1980 (CERCLA), hazardous waste, takings, just compensation, Fifth Amendment, statute of limitations, timeliness
11/05/07 CSX Transportation, Inc. v. Georgia State Board of Equalization, et al. Railroads, state taxation, valuation methods Holding of the Court
11/05/07 Kentucky Dept. of Revenue, et al. v. Davis, George, et ux. Dormant commerce clause, interstate commerce, municipal bonds, taxes
10/31/07 Danforth, Stephen v. Minnesota constitutional criminal procedure, retroactivity, federalism, Teague v. Lane, evidence, testimony, Sixth Amendment, Confrontation Clause, videotaped testimony
10/30/07 U.S. v. Michael Williams Child pornography, Protect Act, constitutionality, overbreadth, vagueness, First Amendment
10/29/07 Klein & Co. Futures, Inc. v. Board of Trade of New York City, et al. Commodity Exchange Act, securities, standing
10/09/07 Stoneridge Investment Partners, LLC v. Scientific-Atlanta, Inc., et al. Securities Exchange Act, Rule 10b-5, class actions, scheme liability
10/09/07 Watson, Michael v. U.S. Guns, firearms, 18 U.S.C. sec 924(c)(1)(A), statutory interpretation Holding of the Court
10/02/07 Gall, Brian Michael v. U.S. Sentencing Guidelines, mandatory minimum sentences, downward departures, drug trafficking Holding of the Court
10/02/07 Kimbrough, Derrick v. U.S. Sentencing Guidelines, sentencing, downward departures, drug trafficking, cocaine, cocaine powder, crack cocaine Holding of the Court
10/01/07 Board of Education of the City School District of the City of New York v. Tom F. Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, special education, administrative procedure Holding of the Court
10/01/07 Washington State Grange & Washington v. Washington State Republican Party , et al. First Amendment, associational rights, elections, primary elections, political parties
03/19/07 Morse, Deborah, et al. v. Frederick, Joseph Public schools, First Amendment speech Holding of the Court
02/28/07 Hein, Jay, et al. (Dir., White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives) v. Freedom from Religion Foundation, Inc., et al. Faith-based funding, taxpayer standing, Establishment Clause, executive orders Holding of the Court
01/10/07 Davenport, Gary, et al. & Washington v. Washington Education Assn. Labor unions, nonmember wage seizures, First Amendment Holding of the Court
12/04/06 Meredith, Crystal (next friend for McDonald, Joshua) v. Jefferson County Bd. of Education, et al. Racial discrimination, equal protection, public schools Holding of the Court
12/04/06 Parents Involved in Community Schools Inc. v. Seattle School District #1, et al. Racial discrimination, equal protection, public high schools, integration tiebreaker Holding of the Court
11/29/06 Massachusetts, et al. v. Environmental Protection Agency, et al. Global warming, greenhouse gas auto emissions, Clean Air Act, EPA Holding of the Court
11/28/06 KSR International Co. v. Teleflex, Inc., et al. Patents, obvious inventions, gas pedal technology Holding of the Court
11/27/06 Ledbetter, Lilly v. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. Title VII, sex discrimination, disparate pay, statute of limitations Holding of the Court
11/08/06 Gonzales, Alberto (Atty Gen) v. Carhart, Leroy, et al Abortion, Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act, mother's health Holding of the Court
11/08/06 Gonzales, Alberto (Atty Gen.) v. Planned Parenthood, et al Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003, mother's health, vagueness, undue burden Holding of the Court
11/07/06 James, Alphonso, Jr. v. U.S. Armed Career Criminal Act, three-strike sentencing laws, violent felonies Holding of the Court