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The Supreme Court The Supreme Court - Image of hands holding a gavel.
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Seeking Insights in the Great BooksSeeking Insights in the Great Books
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Greeks & Romans

"The first Caesars had scrupulously guarded the distinction of ingenuous and servile birth."
Edward Gibbon

"The Aristotelian theory of 'mediate animation,' that held sway throughout the Middle Ages and the Renaissance in Europe, continued to be official Roman Catholic dogma."
Blackmun on Aristotle

"What is honored in a country will be cultivated there."

"The musical's often ribald humor and trenchant social satire may someday merit comparison to the most highly regarded works of Aristophanes, a fellow debunker of established tastes."
Douglas on Aristophanes

Single Sex Education
"Plato concluded that their virtue would clothe the women's nakedness and that Platonic society would not thereby be deprived of the talent of qualified citizens for reasons of mere gender."
Ginsburg on Plato

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