Financial Future

October 6th, 2008, by

Q: Thank you for providing the great resources, budget planning, expense tracking. Reading your column has helped me plan better for my future. I am saving and can see a brighter future that is “debt free.” Keep up the great work.

–Michele Earney, Minnesota; Mother of 4

A: You are so welcome. And I’m glad you have put yourself on the path of prosperity by getting out of debt. The resources you find on this site will help you weather the storm we’re going through right now. It will help fix the things you have done wrong such as overspending. But the key is to get started and stick to your plan. As you watch the news and hear dire reports of the economy, just don’t get worried or even get mad. Resolve to not be part of the problem. Or, if you’re already part of the problem because you have a house you can’t afford or credit card debt that is weighing you down, decide that today is the day that you make a change.

Look, we can’t change the course we’re on right now. The markets are down. The global economy is suffering. But just like after the Great Depression, this too will pass. The question is how will you come out on the other side?

If you do like this mother of four and use the information I provide and this site provides, you’ll come out less in debt and definitely on the road to a better financial life.

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