Overdue Child Support Payments

May 12th, 2011, by

Q: Please advise the best way to address the issue of past/overdue state-ordered child support payments, which, as you well know, have a negative impact on one’s credit.

A: You know, if you make your child support payments on time, it doesn’t get recorded on your credit reports; but, if you’re behind, there can be negative consequences if there is a court judgment against you.

So, you should treat the payments like any other bill. If you pay late, it has a tremendous impact on your credit history and thus your credit scores—which, most importantly, take into account how timely you pay your bills, even if it’s the money to take care of your child/children.

You should also know that, generally, child support payments can’t be discharged in bankruptcy.

My best advice is to do what you can to catch up on these payments. See if you can make arrangements to make current payments and then add some amount to those payments, over time, until you are no longer in arrears.

The bottom line is this is an obligation you shouldn’t try to escape, even it means cutting out a lot of other things to find the money.

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