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    Tavis Smiley
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    Jonathan X
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    Tavis Smiley
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    Thomas Freeman
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    Michele Tasoff
  • Senior Producer
    Tony Marcano
  • Producers
    Sasheen Artis
    Khalea Ross Robinson
  • Associate Producer
    Jared Hernandez
  • Production Designer
    Matt Trotter
  • Art Director
    Christian Ackerman
  • Associate Director
    Greg Schowengerdt
  • Stage Manager
    Brian Anderson
  • Production Manager
    Karen Imendorf
  • Assistants to Mr. Smiley
    Kimberly McFarland
    Danny Miles Davis
  • Production Assistant
    Lucas McDaniel
  • Lighting Designer
    Mark Engel
  • Teleprompter
    Thomas Freeman
    Lucas McDaniel
  • Hair & Makeup
    Sheila Evers
  • Legal Counsel
    Kenneth L. Browning
  • Show Graphics
    3 Ring Circus
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    11:24 Design Advertising, Inc.
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    The Smiley Group, Inc.
    Denise Pines
    Denise Pines, Inc.
  • Music Produced by
    Wayne Stewart and Morris ‘Butch’ Stewart for Joy Art Music
  • Still Photographer
    Van Evers
  • Managing Editor
    Tavis Smiley

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    Denise Pines
    Denise Pines, Inc.
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