A Goldmine of Jive

April 30th, 2012, by

There are plenty of places to download music online–some legal, some otherwise. Somewhere in the middle are a network of blogs dedicated to preserving and sharing obscure and out-of-print music, not for profit, but simply for enjoyment. Electric Jive is my latest discovery in this realm and has led to a recent accumulation of a mountain of amazing African tunes from decades past.

In the documentary on the making of Paul Simon’s “Graceland,” Under African Skies, Simon remarks on how he became obsessed with a mixtape of South African accordion jive, and it was that collection which inspired him to record there. A search of the kind of music that Simon would have heard on that tape turned up Electric Jive, a lovingly-curated archive of African sounds, from traditional to jazz to the very same kind of accordion, sax and guitar tunes that got Simon so excited.

Electric Jive is more than just a depository of music, however. It also compiles everything from original cover art, to scans of records, to all kinds of biographical and cultural information, as well as copious photos and anecdotes about the artists it presents. I’d encourage anyone with an interest in world music to check out the collection on Electric Jive, starting with this dance-happy collection of accordion hits. Your money back guaranteed if it doesn’t get you moving.

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