Charles Bradley’s “Soul of America”

July 8th, 2012, by

I recently posted about the wave of neo-soul singers gracing us with their musical talents these days; however, I neglected to include in that list the inimitable Charles Bradley (PBS video link here). Bradley’s claim to fame is his debut album, which the singer released at the impressive age of 62. While the album itself is noteworthy, equally worthwhile is the documentary about Bradley’s life, Soul of America.

The film, which opened to rave reviews at SXSW this spring and is now on the festival circuit, follows Bradley in the days leading up to his album’s release, while documenting the singer’s tumultuous life. No stranger to homelessness, poverty and illness, the events of Bradley’s life makes for a vivid and inspiring tale, as does the lead-up to his sold-out album launch concert.


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