How to Dress Like Ryan Gosling

October 16th, 2011, by

I watched the new Ryan Gosling movie Drive recently, and while I found the film’s spaghetti western-inspired dialogue and plot left something to be desired, the aesthetic of the film was perfect. From the hot pink 1980s-style opening credits, to the perfectly noir neon-lit cityscape, to the moody, understated soundtrack, there was plenty to appreciate. Best of all, though, was Ryan Gosling’s costume, which, at the risk of sounding overly emphatic, was icon material.

A quick foray into the land of Internet-style blogging reveals I’m not the only one taken by “The Driver”‘s attire. GQ‘s Web site features not one, but two stories on the look, from Gosling’s custom Patek Philippe watch, to a detailed interview with the film’s costume designer about the process of putting the actor’s wardrobe together. The film fashion blog “Clothes on Film” also has a good piece on the movie and its costumes.

The most striking element of Gosling’s costume was by far his satin, scorpion-emblazoned souvenir jacket, which, according to GQ, was a custom creation inspired by Gosling himself. The kicker? For those who really, really want to get the look, you can order your very own replica. Too bad they won’t ship in time for Halloween…

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