How to Say It

April 24th, 2012, by

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You’re in a conversation with someone and you want to reference gnocchi. Or perhaps Nietzsche. Or famous Green Bay Packers’ quarterback Brett Favre. Only thing is, you’re not 100% sure how to pronounce the name in question. Yikes. Talk about embarrassing!

So, after mumbling something under your breath or trailing off when you get the the word, you decide to settle this once and for all. How do you pronounce “quinoa,” anyway? As with all big questions of our time, the Internet will doubtless have the answers. Only, as with all big questions of our time, the first answer the Internet offers may be a lie. Or a funny joke.

Such is the case of Pronunciation Book vs. Pronunciation Manual. The former is an earnest attempt to help people correctly pronounce difficult words, like “schadenfreude” and “Deadmau5,” while the latter is a spoof, offering ridiculous interpretations of similar words. “Chipotle” becomes “Sssshantoodle,” “Gucci” becomes “gookathantchi” (or somethine like that). LOLs ensue, and probably a fair amount of confusion as well. Isn’t the Internet awesome? So much information, so many laughs, so much wasted time.

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