Inspirational Films on the Rise

October 11th, 2011, by

Ever go out to the movies and think to yourself, hey there aren’t a lot of positive films out there that address people of faith?

Well, Stephen Kendrick is making sure movie goers have a choice when they want to see films that speak to them not only as individuals, but persons of faith.

The Albany, GA minister, along with film director and brother Alex, have been in the filmmaking business just a short while, but their impact is creating buzz around the movie scene. The projects are produced by Sherwood Pictures, the media branch of the Albany-based Sherwood Baptist Church.

The brothers’ latest film, Courageous, has been doing well at the box office and certainly giving movie goers an alternative choice when it comes to films.

In movie terms, what the Kendrick brothers and church have been able to do is nothing short of extraordinary. With just $20,000, the brothers produced their first motion picture Flywheel with a cast and crew of dedicated church volunteers. What started with a brief viewing at a local theater, turned into a six-week stay at the box office. Not bad for a first time project.

Now, with four films under the company’s belt, Courageous looks to be on the rise with audience excitement and studio credibility. As a result, their ministry has a much larger impact on a wider scale. Box office estimates place the film at $9 million nationwide.

Much like the celebrated work from Sundance Film Festivals, Sherwood Pictures allows for an independent filmmaker to take a project that may not have a Hollywood budget to Hollywood hit.

Critics have hailed Courageous as a family film of substance and credits it for its message of inspiration. If you’re looking for a a film that satisfies the mind and spirit, this may be the film for you. Be sure to check it out.

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