Montel Williams – Still Passionate as Ever!

March 23rd, 2012, by

Recently, talk show legend Montel Williams sat down to talk with CNN’s Piers Morgan on a host of issues.

Most notably was his ever present passion and fervor on the issue of personal accountability with respect to those in office, including the GOP presidential candidates.

Williams is a no nonsense kind of guy who tells it like it is. He’s passionate about the issues and comes from the heart. His remarks are not bombastic, nor are they said to create headlines. What he does offer however is an honest, raw emotion that comes from a place that I think most people can appreciate if they give it a chance.

The exchange between Morgan and Williams was engaging to say the least. Whether discussing issues of health, politics or the state of affairs in American society, the two brought an energy and an awareness that is severely lacking in mainstream media at times.

Personally, I find it interesting anytime two talk show hosts get together. In my opinion, it always leads to good conversation. The night’s exchange was no disappointment. Check out the clip below.











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