One Night Only: James Murphy’s “Shut Up and Play the Hits”

July 15th, 2012, by

Concert movies are one of the most endearing genres of the documentary format, from the epic cultural document Woodstock to the tween-blockbuster Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. Within that niche, the final concert film has a special place all its own. From The Band’s famous The Last Waltz to Jay-Z’s Fade to Black, the final show of a much-loved artist or group is fertile ground for looking back on career and cultural impact, not to mention a great excuse to listen to their most-loved songs.

The latest final concert film to hit theaters is Shut Up and Play the Hits, which immortalizes the final show of LCD Soundsystem, the indie powerhouse started by singer/producer/all-around-indie-culture-fixture James Murphy. The show took place at Madison Square Garden in April of 2011, and the film documents 48 hours surrounding the concert.

The film opens July 18th, but the twist on this doc is that–much like LCD’s final sh0w–it will play in theaters for only one night. For fan’s of Murphy’s music, it’s a great way to turn a film into an event, much like the show itself. For those unfamiliar with Murphy and his band, it will serve as the perfect introduction to one of the most influential performer/producers of the last decade.

Here’s a great recent interview with Murphy, and one of my favorite LCD tracks to get you started.


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