Ryan Lochte: The Olympics’ King of Swag

July 29th, 2012, by

Image via Wikimedia Commons

I’m not a follower of sports in general, and the Olympics are no exception, for the most part. I can, however, get excited about certain things related to the events, like U.S. gold medalist Ryan Lochte’s grill, for one.

Lochte won gold in the men’s 400m swimming event, beating Michael Phelps and creating one of the 2012 London games’ first celebrities. While Lochte’s athleticism and good looks certainly help (details about how many pizzas he eats in a day soon to follow), it was the addition of custom dental work and flashy sneakers that pushed him into the world spotlight.

Check out Lochte’s swag here, as he sports his diamond-encrusted, stars-and-stripes-emblazoned grills while posing with his gold. While he tried to wear the patriotic teeth covers on the Olympic podium, officials forbade it, threatening to withhold his medal. According to a recent profile in The New York Times, Lochte has over 100 pairs of shoes, idolized Lil’ Wayne and aspires to become a fashion designer. Judging by the star-spangled winged Adidas he wore to his event, he’s more of the Kanye West school of fashion than the Ralph Lauren side of things.

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