A LOOK BACK: President Hugo Chàvez

March 5th, 2013, by


In September 2006, Venezuela’s President Hugo Chàvez sat down with us just days after his controversial speech to the United Nations. Among the topics discussed during our conversation: his comment during that speech calling then-President George W. Bush “the devil,” his overall feelings about the United States, how the work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. impacted his life and his thoughts on how to end poverty.

Although the outspoken soldier-turned-politician was diagnosed with cancer in 2011, he won re-election to a new term in 2012.

Chàvez recently passed away at age 58, after more than 14 years as leader of the oil-rich Latin American country.

On our March 11, 2013 show, we reflected on his complex legacy.

  • John Deden

    Hugo Chavez did a lot to lift Venezuela out of its feudal economic conditions by way of redistributing wealth from the very rich few, to the poverty stricken rest of the country.
    In the USA we see the reverse. The wealth is channeled from the middle class to the 1 percent at the top.
    This country right now looks much like a corporate-owned, rich, third-world banana-republic, where social justice leaves a hell of a lot to be desired.
    Millions of Americans, in our wonderful capitalistic system, have seen their jobs shipped overseas, are jobless or working longer hours for less money under increasing corporate induced pressure. They are excluded from proper healthcare, they have lost their homes and for all of them the so-called American Dream has become an American nightmare.

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