All Hail the Earth!

April 22nd, 2009, by

Today marks the 39th Earth Day. And even though the annual celebration on April 22nd began in the United States, it’s now a global celebration, with a billion people expected to participate this year.

Here are some articles to read, ideas to ponder, ways to observe the day and a documentary to watch (or not watch, depending on who’s reviewing it), all in the name of the Earth.

1) Before you start celebrating the day by weatherizing your home and installing that solar panel, be sure to bone up on the backstory. For instance, the history of Earth Day is tied to the late U.S. Senator Gaylor Nelson from Wisconsin, and the history of the Environmental Protection Agency is tied to President Nixon, who created the agency months after the first Earth Day.

2) There are many ways to observe Earth Day at home or at work, including carpooling, starting a compost pile in your backyard and taking lessons from “green boomers.”

3) And, if you’re looking for a little “change” in your Earth Day activities, look no further than the White House. The Obama administration‘s “green jobs” czar Van Jones says that the new administration makes this Earth Day special. See video with Van Jones below.

4) After you complete your Earth Day contributions, round up the family and check out the new Disney documentary Earth, which opens today. Film reviews are mixed (see here and here).

5) Be sure to break out your camera, snap some photos and join an Earth Day photo contest, including one that will plot photos from around the globe on a map.

6) And finally, tell us how you participated in Earth Day. 

  • Mike

    this remind me of the Earth Hour program.. i still don’t quite understand how by turning of the light you could save the earth.. even though im not quite understand, but i still support everything related to saving earth.. we should take care of mother nature for our children..

  • Joi Cotton

    Happy Earth Day!
    Cool background information, thank you! I celebrate Earth Day everyday, but today, I woke up thinking extra green; I kept the AC off, walked everywhere I could and refused 2 plastic bags. Not too shabby…

  • Nail Lansang

    To contribute with the earth day is to make a plan in your own home on how save power buy not using power that are just generated by your electric company, like by using renewable energy.
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